PMSA Meeting September 25th, 2017


September 25th

John Lowry will be speaking!

Food and drinks will be provided.

The Food Bank provides a service to its retail partners: rescuing about-to-expire food product offers a waste expense cost-savings to the retailer. However, the nature and structure of this relationship is not always aligned, which limits the Food Bank’s ability to maximize the recovery of perishable foods. Building on extensive field work at the retail store-level and semi-structured interviews at a large Midwestern Food Bank, our intervention study examines the attributes of effective Retail-Food Bank partnerships which enable, 1) the maximization of food donations at Retail, and 2) the minimization of food sourcing costs for the Food Bank.

John is a PhD student in Management Sciences with a strong research interest in sustainable food sourcing and strategic supply chain design. His current project examines the role of the Food Bank in the food recovery supply chain, specifically focused on maximizing the participation of retail donors. John is originally from Columbus with previous work experience at Abbott, Givaudan and Allergan.